How the Universe was Created

How was the Universe created?
Some people think it was God who created the Universe, others think it was the Big Bang that started it all. People who believe in Cao Dai believe before God there was Tao and then God was created out of the Big Bang. Well they are all wrong. How do I know they are wrong? I know they are wrong because I know I am right.

My theory is very simple, much like most of nature.

  1. There is Tao
  2. God is created
  3. God causes Big Bang
  4. Universe is created

The Tao a nameless, formless, constant, everlasting force has always been around. One day a very long time ago it got bored and made God a pretty spiffy dude but not quiet on the same level as the Tao. So the Tao sends God off on his way. Years later God is home alone and starts playing with his chemistry set when the phone rings. God gets up to see who it is and in the process of doing so knocks over a couple beakers and causes the Big Bang. Needless to say God was obliterated and most of his composition is what makes up the universe now.

So there you have it. There was a God and in the process of accidentally blowing himself up he created the Universe. The Tao continues to exist, the Universe continues to expand from the Big Bang and God’s story is still being passed on. The only question left is “Who was on the phone?”

Okay that’s my theory, please send the hate mail.

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