When it comes to bunnies (scientific name – bunny rabbits) they are all cute, fluffy and come in an assortment of colors, right?

Wrong, bunnies do not come in any other color besides white, that is right all rabbits are white.

How do I know this, I know this because in the wild you only see white rabbits during winter. The rest of the year they are brown or black. You might ask, “Why is that, why do rabbits change color?” I’ll tell you, it isn’t camouflage or anything like that. The real reason rabbits change color with the season is because of bears.
During Spring and Summer bears rule the woods, and yes bears do crap in the woods. Yes, they do wipe. No, they don’t scoot their butts across the ground like dogs. Instead they prefer something softer and more absorbent, the rabbit. So now you know why bunnies are brown during the warmer parts of the year, they are the toilet paper of the natural world and you thought they were cute. Now that you know why they are brown somebody is going to ask “But why do they turn white during winter?”

During the Winter bears hibernate, it snows and the smaller animals rule the woods (until they get eaten by wolves). Saying that rabbits turn white would be incorrect because as previously stated they are all white. Since the bears are asleep they aren’t using the bunnies as part of their toiletry kit. Now it snows in winter for most places and what is snow made out of, Water. When the brown bunnies journey through the snow it cleanses them and they emerge as clean white bunnies with a smell not too far from used car smell.
Now that you know that, next time you see a dirty bunny and you happen to have a friend with you be sure to tell them that it is white… and not to touch it.

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