How To Save Tomato Seeds

Tired of buying the tomato seeds every year? Do you have a tomato waiting to be eaten? Don’t just eat the seeds, collect them.

  1. Wash the Tomato
  2. Cut the tomato in half from side to side
  3. Scoop or squeeze out the seeds and their goo into a glass or plastic container
  4. Fill the container with water about half full to ¾ ways full and loosely cover with plastic wrap
  5. Place the container with the tomato seeds and water by a window but not in direct sunlight (if its cold it probably won’t work too well, also there might be a smell after a couple days)
  6. After a few days (about three to five days) there should be a white mold forming on top of the mixture. Remove the mold but not the tomato seeds.
  7. Put more water into the container and stir the seeds. Good tomato seeds will sink to bottom.
  8. Remove all of the floating tomato seeds and any other tomato parts that might be floating in the water.
  9. Rinse the tomato seeds that sank to the bottom in fine strainer until they are clean
  10. Place the clean tomato seeds on a plate and let them dry for a few days. (Keep them out of direct sunlight) While the seeds dry over the next few days move them around so they don’t stick to one another or the plate
  11. Store the dried tomato seeds in airtight glass containers or paper envelopes until you are ready to plant them. It might also be a good idea to label the container at least with the date so you know how old the tomato seeds are.

If you live in a warmer climate and want to grow tomatoes almost year round start them early and keep a spare pot of soil, then when your first crop comes in just crush the rejects and throw them into the spare soil and after few weeks you’ll have new plants popping up. Then just separate them and plant them.

Ugly tomatoes that people won’t eat make great seed donors.

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