2005 “I Love You” Test

I Love You Test Results
“I Love You” Test Jan 7th, 2005

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Gaines: New I love you test?
Gaines: Or just showing your affection?
BigNakedBob32: Both
Gaines: Hawt. 😉
BigNakedBob32: Meet me in the park at sundown
Gaines: OKAY!!!! 424kkwa32

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
maje87: not this again
BigNakedBob32: Not again. Still
BigNakedBob32: I still love you
maje87: sure
maje87: I believe you believe you love me
maje87: but nobody really loves me
BigNakedBob32: its because you’re ugly
maje87: yeah
maje87: I know
BigNakedBob32: but that doesn’t matter if you’re going for a blind person
BigNakedBob32: as long as it feels good
maje87: I’m not going after a blind person
BigNakedBob32: Well I’m not blind and I Love you
maje87: I just told you- you only think you do
BigNakedBob32: as long as somebody does

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
ImperialClansmen: i dont feel the same
BigNakedBob32: Why not?
ImperialClansmen: you are a guy you fruit
BigNakedBob32: if I am a guy how can I be a fruit
ImperialClansmen: your mom was a guy and your dad was a fruit, its that easy.
BigNakedBob32: Makes sense
BigNakedBob32: but I still love you
ImperialClansmen: im not in the mood man.
BigNakedBob32: well you could just kinda lay there, ya kno
ImperialClansmen: errrr.
BigNakedBob32: unless you wanna be on top
ImperialClansmen: god
BigNakedBob32: you can scream his name all you need to
BigNakedBob32: wont bother me
ImperialClansmen: i will not have sex with you sam i am, i will not hav sex with your green eggs and ham.
BigNakedBob32: are you sure?
BigNakedBob32: do you wanna see em?
ImperialClansmen: no
BigNakedBob32: what if I bring a midget with a whip?
ImperialClansmen: no
BigNakedBob32: well could you go ask your mom
ImperialClansmen: go suck your balls
BigNakedBob32: do you want to watch?
ImperialClansmen: nope
BigNakedBob32: How about now?
ImperialClansmen: still no.

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
voodinni: aw, i love you too
voodinni: <3 BigNakedBob32: Cool! Orgy at the park? voodinni: awesome! BigNakedBob32: ALRIGHT!!! BigNakedBob32: I Love You snacks78: aw me too BigNakedBob32: Lets get drunk snacks78: ok' BigNakedBob32: oh! don't wear pants ok snacks78: no BigNakedBob32: Ok i'll work them off of you then snacks78: ok snacks78: i dont put out as fast as u BigNakedBob32: so i'm gonna have to warm up to you, eh? BigNakedBob32: I've got magic fingers. snacks78: umm hmm snacks78: i kno all about u BigNakedBob32: oh really BigNakedBob32: did you know about the extra nut BigNakedBob32: its magical too snacks78: lol BigNakedBob32: It talks to me BigNakedBob32: it has a message for you BigNakedBob32: it says "I Love You" snacks78: i love you too BigNakedBob32: I know BigNakedBob32: thank you for playing my game snacks78: o snacks78: no games snacks78: i love you BigNakedBob32: awesome BigNakedBob32: I Love You ElmoDaP1mP: okie BigNakedBob32: Lets get naked ElmoDaP1mP: maybe later BigNakedBob32: How's 8? ElmoDaP1mP: nah BigNakedBob32: 9? ElmoDaP1mP: nah BigNakedBob32: Well I could put you down on the 28th at 6:30pm BigNakedBob32: are you open for then BigNakedBob32: I Love You snowflake: thats kinda weird BigNakedBob32: It is as weird as you want it to be. snowflake: hahaha RLY snowflake: thanks BigNakedBob32: we should get together at the 7-Eleven and test all the rides. snowflake: hahahaahha RLY BigNakedBob32: Like OMG RLY!!! BigNakedBob32: ... BigNakedBob32: I'm naked snowflake: hahahhaa yes snowflake: WHY BigNakedBob32: Its a way of life BigNakedBob32: Join Me!!! BigNakedBob32: please BigNakedBob32: i need you BigNakedBob32: and a couple chickens too snowflake: hahahahahahhahah snowflake: why chickens BigNakedBob32: they taste good BigNakedBob32: Take me now!!! snowflake: hahahahah snowflake: FOR a price BigNakedBob32: how much snowflake: millions BigNakedBob32: how many snowflake: 90 BigNakedBob32: sounds fair BigNakedBob32: meet me under the giant goat downtown snowflake: hahahahha snowflake: what BigNakedBob32: oh its there BigNakedBob32: trust me BigNakedBob32: its invisible BigNakedBob32: its next to the big panda snowflake: hahahaha ok snowflake: ILL believe u BigNakedBob32: cool lets go snowflake: haha alright lets BigNakedBob32: I Love You Rahmzez: right back at yeah fucker BigNakedBob32: YAY!!! Rahmzez: ok ? BigNakedBob32: lets go under the table BigNakedBob32: or on the couch Rahmzez: any where u want BigNakedBob32: anytime you need it Rahmzez: now BigNakedBob32: where Rahmzez: under the table BigNakedBob32: deal BigNakedBob32: we can make all kinds of noises and mess with peoples minds Rahmzez: sounds nice BigNakedBob32: I Love You SupaCaleb: Alot of people do Bob. BigNakedBob32: ok, let me reword this BigNakedBob32: I want you SupaCaleb: Now what did I do to be gifted with one of your Random vists? SupaCaleb: I know that. BigNakedBob32: its that time of year SupaCaleb: I just don't go for that man on man action thing. SupaCaleb: What time? BigNakedBob32: my only annual event SupaCaleb: Your stalling... What is it? BigNakedBob32: my i love you test SupaCaleb: ........ BigNakedBob32: Now take me like a man SupaCaleb: Uhhh... no. BigNakedBob32: ok then BigNakedBob32: a goat? SupaCaleb: Like I said..... NO ANIMALS EITHER! BigNakedBob32: so you want to be the girl? SupaCaleb: NO! BigNakedBob32: ok fine, you can be on top SupaCaleb: I am NOT gonna have sex with you! BigNakedBob32: really? SupaCaleb: YES! BigNakedBob32: Thank you SupaCaleb: I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU! BigNakedBob32: i know BigNakedBob32: i can get you a goat if you'd like tho SupaCaleb: Ok bob.... This is getting fairly old now. BigNakedBob32: What? you want girls? SupaCaleb: ..... Yeah sure. BigNakedBob32: how many SupaCaleb: ....1? BigNakedBob32: thats kinda a low number BigNakedBob32: how about 30 SupaCaleb: ..... Uh .....sure BigNakedBob32: ok BigNakedBob32: it will take awhile for them to come over from the Soviet Union*, so go play a game or something SupaCaleb: Ok. BigNakedBob32: I Love You aznboi: good for u BigNakedBob32: so you wanna, you kno, do it? aznboi: fuck no

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