2004 “I Love You” Test

I Love You Test Results
Here are the results for 2004.
I Was Blocked By 9 People.

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
ThePCRock: thanks
BigNakedBob32: Thanks!??!? That’s all you have to say to me.
ThePCRock: thanks … big naked bob
BigNakedBob32: Ummm No…. How about I Love You too…
ThePCRock: this is all so sudden … i hardly know you
ThePCRock: i don’t know if i’m ready for that kind of commitment
BigNakedBob32: But I Love You
BigNakedBob32: Can’t you give me a chance?
ThePCRock: let’s start with “i like you”
BigNakedBob32: Like?!!??? I thought we could have little more than just “like.”
ThePCRock: ok … i really like you
BigNakedBob32: I really want you.
ThePCRock: i don’t blame you
ThePCRock: i’m pretty sexy
BigNakedBob32: YES YES YES!!!!
BigNakedBob32: Tell Me More
ThePCRock: what do you want to know heather?
BigNakedBob32: Heather???
BigNakedBob32: are you cheating on me
ThePCRock: who are you big naked?
BigNakedBob32: Bob
ThePCRock: caryn?
ThePCRock: lol
BigNakedBob32: Who?
BigNakedBob32: How many people are you with
ThePCRock: now now … i’m not committed to you
ThePCRock: i said i really like you
BigNakedBob32: But I Love You
ThePCRock: i know … an i appreciate it
ThePCRock: but this is an unrequited love
BigNakedBob32: How??? Without You I Would Die.
ThePCRock: just tell me who you are already
BigNakedBob32: Bob
BigNakedBob32: 32/m
ThePCRock: oh ….
ThePCRock: THAT bob
ThePCRock: the child molestor …. i remember you now
ThePCRock: it’s been a long time
ThePCRock: since i was 7 or 8 i think
ThePCRock: don’t worry, i didn’t tell anyone, just like you asked
BigNakedBob32: Thank You
ThePCRock: you’re welcome
BigNakedBob32: I Still Love You
ThePCRock: (@)
ThePCRock: :@)
ThePCRock: i’m gonna go get a snack
BigNakedBob32: Lets meet at the Motel 6.
ThePCRock: so you’ve gone past the “meet me at the monkey bars” stage?
BigNakedBob32: Have some fun just like old times
ThePCRock: brb … gotta get food


BigNakedBob32: *slams head on desk*
ThePCRock: how’s your head?
BigNakedBob32: Much better now that you are here
ThePCRock: aww
ThePCRock: thanks
BigNakedBob32: I missed you.
ThePCRock: thanks
ThePCRock: so what did you do while i was gone?
BigNakedBob32: Tried to remember those eyes I saw long ago.
BigNakedBob32: I want you so bad.
BigNakedBob32: I’m Naked.
ThePCRock: and you’re big
ThePCRock: and you’re bob
BigNakedBob32: Yes
BigNakedBob32: I want you so bad, I can’t hold it in
ThePCRock: i feel so used
ThePCRock: according to your website you’ve said that to so many others 🙁
BigNakedBob32: So I’m a whore?
ThePCRock: no … i can’t call you a whore
ThePCRock: i’m just hurt that i was so far down on your list
BigNakedBob32: You wanta be on top?
BigNakedBob32: In more than one way.
ThePCRock: sorry … no
ThePCRock: it could never work
ThePCRock: i’m sorry
BigNakedBob32: But we could make it work.
ThePCRock: “if you love something let it go … if it returns, then it was meant to be”
ThePCRock: let it go bob
BigNakedBob32: Ok, your right.
BigNakedBob32: I think we should see other people
ThePCRock: i think it’s best
BigNakedBob32: Yes
BigNakedBob32: It’s best to remember the good times we shared and move on.
ThePCRock: yeah, i think so to … this feels much better when it’s mutual
ThePCRock: we can still be friends
ThePCRock: who knows, maybe one day we’ll think back and laugh about this
BigNakedBob32: Yes, well so long my friend.
ThePCRock: nice talking to you bob
BigNakedBob32: Same to ya
BigNakedBob32: Oh and You can be on top.
ThePCRock: sorry bob …. it’s over … don’t beg, please
BigNakedBob32: Later
ThePCRock: peace

papasmurf7869: greetings
BigNakedBob32: I Love You
papasmurf7869: never ever evr say that again

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
ngamep: The hell……
BigNakedBob32: I Love You
ngamep: Are you a guy?
BigNakedBob32: I am Bob

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
R3verend Meat: i love you, too
R3verend Meat: whaddya want?

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
anna : thanks

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
PunkyJunky: i love you too!!
BigNakedBob32: thanx
PunkyJunky: O:-)
BigNakedBob32: 😛
PunkyJunky: dont lick me

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
TallGuy458: What for?
BigNakedBob32: everything
TallGuy458: Nothing specific?
BigNakedBob32: I Love You
TallGuy458: Good to know

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Mr Subject: why?
BigNakedBob32: Because I am Naked
Mr Subject: ooooh k

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
WhiteShAdOwKiD05: i’m sorry

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
magicchicken04: Who is this?
BigNakedBob32: Bob
magicchicken04: Bob who?
BigNakedBob32: BigNakedBob32
BigNakedBob32: and I Love You
magicchicken04: haha who is this for real
magicchicken04: how did you get my SN?
BigNakedBob32: Love Ya, Bye

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Brdgtt 7: who is this?
BigNakedBob32: Bob
Brdgtt 7: o
Brdgtt 7: so bob, how did u get my scren name?
BigNakedBob32: From a dream
Brdgtt 7: o great
BigNakedBob32: Always dream about girls
Brdgtt 7: good for u

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
MegaPandaPunch: I love you too snookie pookie bear

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Otaku Akujin: O_o

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
DarkHayoto: awwww
DarkHayoto: How strangely erotic

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
BobnewhartXX: Me too!

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
ThreeLeggedLoony: Thats nice

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Deathanian: w00t

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Amac269: why?
BigNakedBob32: i dont know
Amac269: oh
BigNakedBob32: cause i’m naked
Amac269: naked bob?
BigNakedBob32: yup

BigNakedBob32: I Love You
Jolt3: I love you too
Jolt3: <3 THIS ONE GOT ME WARNED!!! LOL BigNakedBob32: I Love You Noob Assassin: WTF!? BigNakedBob32: I Love You Noob Assassin: GET THE F*** AWAY FROM ME YA QUEER! BigNakedBob32: I Love You BigNakedBob32: I Love You Gaines751: I know Gaines751: o_o BigNakedBob32: I Love You SchezoWeggy: who's this BigNakedBob32: Bob SchezoWeggy: Bob...? BigNakedBob32: BigNakedBob32 SchezoWeggy: ... SchezoWeggy: how do you know me BigNakedBob32: the internet SchezoWeggy: where? BigNakedBob32: here SchezoWeggy: do you need something? BigNakedBob32: I Love You SchezoWeggy: right BigNakedBob32: I Love You DeathToThePunks: i love me too BigNakedBob32: I Love You phantom plankton: o.O BigNakedBob32: I Love You maje87c: pardon? BigNakedBob32: I Love You maje87c: yeah, um, since you probably aren't being serious maje87c: I'll just threaten to warn you like the last person who you asked this of did BigNakedBob32: I Love You windown03: and who doesn't BigNakedBob32: I Love You Cerebral Sexing: Uh, what? BigNakedBob32: I Love You Cerebral Sexing: Really. BigNakedBob32: Yes Cerebral Sexing: And you are.. BigNakedBob32: Bob Cerebral Sexing: Interesting. Cerebral Sexing: And you know me how? BigNakedBob32: A dream Cerebral Sexing: You know me from a dream... BigNakedBob32: I always dream about girls Cerebral Sexing: About girls you don't know? BigNakedBob32: Yup Cerebral Sexing: Did you obtain my AIM s/n from your dream too? BigNakedBob32: Yes Cerebral Sexing: Quite an informative dream, ne? What else did said dream tell you? BigNakedBob32: I Love You Portertemp: WHO DIS IS? BigNakedBob32: Bob BigNakedBob32: I Love You breinert14: whoi is tgis breinert14: who is this BigNakedBob32: Bob breinert14: Bob who BigNakedBob32: BigNakedBob32 breinert14: ummm breinert14: ok breinert14: fuck off BigNakedBob32: But I Love You breinert14: fuck offf BigNakedBob32: How Rude... BigNakedBob32: Is this how you treat people that love you BigNakedBob32: :'( So Mean... breinert14: who is this???? BigNakedBob32: Bob breinert14: peace nbigger BigNakedBob32: I Love You Z71chevygirl86: who the fuck are you? BigNakedBob32: Bob Z71chevygirl86: and why the fuck are you iming me? BigNakedBob32: Cause I Love You Z71chevygirl86: well go to fucking hell Z71chevygirl86: how a bout that BigNakedBob32: Can Do BigNakedBob32: I Love You Christian611: whos this BigNakedBob32: Bob Christian611: eiferts friend? BigNakedBob32: Nope Christian611: who the hell is bob then BigNakedBob32: Me Christian611: the only bob i know if is eiferts friend so im guessing its you BigNakedBob32: no BigNakedBob32: this is BigNakedBob32 Christian611: seriously? the bignakedbob32? BigNakedBob32: Yup, Thats me. Christian611: wow BigNakedBob32: It's True BigNakedBob32: But more importantly. I Love You Christian611: so your a queer? BigNakedBob32: For you anything. Christian611: i dont like queers BigNakedBob32: But they Love You Christian611: i get that alot...but i cant help it

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