Introducing Territory Wars!

Introduction to Territory wars

What are Territory Wars?
Territory Wars are a type of Guild versus Guild. When a territory is unclaimed players of all participating guilds race to meet the Win Conditions of the battle to occupy the territory. Claimed territories are defended by the guild that claims the territory while all other guilds fight to take the crystals away from the defending guild.

When/How often do Territory Wars occur?
When the player sees the following message in world chat they will be able to enter the Territory War.

Territory Wars occur daily but different Territories are available on different days. Players can check the schedule from the Territory War window by clicking the Schedule button.

What are the requirements to participate?
To participate in Territory Wars the player must be at least Level 30 and part of a guild.

How do you participate?
To participate in the Territory War the player will need to open the Territory War window located in the mini-map.

Clicking this icon will open the Territory War window.

When you open the Territory War window you will see something like this.

Click the Join button on the right side of the window to enter the Territory War.

Why can’t I attack other players? Isn’t this supposed to be PvP?
The first time a Territory War happens no guild owns the territory so there are no defenders other than the NPCs. Therefore all guilds will be on the same team, the attacking team, yet they will be racing against the other guilds on their team to obtain more crystals than the other guilds. Once the map is claimed players will be on two teams, attackers and defenders, then players will be able to kill one another.

Territory War Procedures

When the Territory War begins you will be placed in your team’s camp where you will have to wait 5 minutes before using the portals to venture out to the battlefield.

The timer appears at the top of the screen. It will first count down the initial 5 minute waiting period and then the 30 minute match time.

How do you claim a territory?
When you are attacking a territory you will need to meet the Win Conditions of the battle to take control of the territory.
Win Conditions can be checked by opening the Territory War window and checking the area outlined in red on the image below.

Defending crystals will be blue and have defending mobs around them.

After successfully killing the crystal it will turn red.

But the fun doesn’t end there, after the crystal is captured enemy sentries will be sent to attack the crystal. You will still have to deal with the defending guild’s players as well while they attempt to reclaim the lost territory.

If your guild meets the Win Conditions when the Territory War ends they will occupy the Territory and will be able to receive benefits as well as defend the map in the next Territory War.

Your guild will also need to be at least level 4 to claim the Territory.

Garrison Base
Players on the defending team will spawn in the Garrison Base where they can disperse to defend the crystals.
But what are these large glowing things on the ground near the Garrison Base?

These wonderful things are at the entrance to the Garrison Base to pretty much kill any Attacking Team member that tries to cross them. This prevents them from spawn camping the defender’s base.

Benefits for Holding a Territory

  • Each guild member can receive salaries from Village/Town Chief/Captain/Mayor once a day (character level must be above 30 and Guild Fame must be above 200). The more territories a guild claims, the more rewards they can receive each day.
  • Guild members will gain 10% EXP and CP EXP bonuses when in territories occupied by their own guild.

Important NPCs
Temple Knight Amos is located in Aven at 469, 364 near the Temple Knights area of the map.

  • Reward/Rule information
  • Repeatable Territory War quest turn-in
  • Exchange War Stones to Eden Crystals (10 War Stones = 1 Eden Crystal)

Amo’s Assistant Veskal is located in Aven at 470, 366 just to the left of Amos

  • Players can purchase equipment blueprints and formulas from Veskal, which utilize War Stones

Introduction to War Stones

How do you obtain them?
War Stones are obtained from Territory Chests.

You can obtain Territory Chests by defeating the sentry beasts in a Territory War, by doing the repeatable quests available within the Territory War and from collecting the daily territory salary from the mayor in the held territory. Territory Chests from the Territory War are rewarded via the in game mail system.

What can War Stones be used for?
War Stones can be used for a couple things.

  • Turn them in with Temple Knight Amos for Eden Crystals (10 War Stones = 1 Eden Crystal)
  • Use as materials for blueprints and formulas sold by Amo’s Assistant Veskal

Territory Wars Schedule
Players can check the schedule of Territory Wars by clicking the Schedule button in the Territory Wars window.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, if you have additional questions or concerns feel free to post them in this thread or via the Contact Us.

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